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xingqiu x male reader [Top 5] Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Dark Side Teams. A/n: Sure! I put my own little spin on the teleportation concept, wherein reader gets injured (and his clothes get torn up🤪). Childe: 20 years. It takes a bit to get to the actual part that involves Xingqiu but I just wanted to have some friendly stuff before the actual plot. Sep 01, 2021 · After using Chihayaburu or Kazuha Slash, Kaedehara Kazuha gains an Anemo Infusion for 5s. When you request, please specify how you want it to be. requests #♢ — xingqiu #xingqiu x reader #xingqiu x you #xingqiu fluff#hurt/comfort#genshin scenario#genshin . #xingqiu x reader #childe x reader #tartaglia x reader #scaramouche x . Take our Genshin Impact Personality Quiz to find out which Genshin Impact Character you are! Gensheen Impact is the name of a new free-to-play open-world adventure from Chinese developer miHoYo, and, as the name suggests, it hits like a bomb. ⚠️ Please understand that the content of this fanfiction contains: Erotic/smut ⚠️ This is also a pure fanfiction for readers. 2 Personality 1. Feb 09, 2021 · It’s endearing to her. A/n: hello readers!! back with a new request, thank you always for your continuous patience <3 this request was different, and i hope i portrayed those who are selectively mute correctly (i did my research, so i hope so!) always correct me if i am wrong! <3 hope all of you wishing for klee have gotten her :) and those wishing for kazuha good luck! btw, this could be read as . 1 Profile 1. May 26, 2021 · Snezhnaya. things to remember as an x reader writer: not everyone blushes; due to the color of some people’s skin they don’t visibly show color on their cheeks when blushing. Genre: Fluff. > content: angst , death , yeah. He asked for you to refrain from even looking at him . hi, thank you !! and of course, writing for Chongyun is so fun for me so definitely~ this might be a bit ooc, because i’m not too sure how his condition . Charged Attack. head empty,,,, only-Diluc helping his afab!reader while they’re on their period. Browse through and read or take razor genshin impact stories, quizzes, and other creations An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Jan 19, 2021 · deafening silence. Season 2 is set to launch on February . Verschiedene Genshin Impact OneShot storys. > summary: diluc faces death once again, but this time, it’s yours. Browse through and read or take razor genshin impact stories, quizzes, and other creations An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works My dearest Xingqiu, . Tier C - Beidou, Bennett, Lisa. 9K 3. word count ; 1. Each of the four boys of Final Fantasy XV has his own hobby. 𖥻 XINGQIU x CHONGYUN LAYOUTᵎᵎ . xingqiu and xiangling are hidden in . read more. interactions, and such. Yêu thích Đọc Truyện. ― YANDERE! GENSHIN ACADEMY AU. Jul 06, 2021 · Masterlist. - Roman frequently tries to flirt with you and she scares him away every time. RIKATAKIN0. This Hydro and sword-wielding character is a 4-star, so you shouldn't have to empty your bank account to acquire him (though I still advise you to spend responsibly) xingqiu hasn't favorited any projects . Word count: 3404. Before you request, I’d very much appreciate it if you’d read through this! I will write fluffy and angsty scenarios, basic stuff like that. Dec 26, 2020 - Read ♥ Xingqiu - Act ♥ from the story (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Genshin Impact Male x Reader Oneshots♥ by ultimatekokichi (genshinimpactsimp) with . I promise, just this once- honestly I dunno if this will happen again LMAO) Warnings: Blood and Violence for the third day(I’ll mark where it starts from and where it ends with bolded words, so you can know where to skip. ” “ — like / rt if u use (=`ω´=) ♡ ⠀˖⠀ ” May 07, 2021 · -Genshin Impact characters as your best friends-Genre: just fluff☀️ Characters: Venti, Albedo, Xingqiu, Chongyun Reader: gn! This was a request and I wrote so much but I accidentally posted that too early and instead of just saving it to my drafts, I fucking deleted it which is why I lost the person who requested that. 3 . Aug 28, 2021 · The betrayed (betrayed male reader x highschool dxd) betrayed by his friends god and satan y/n was forced to stay in his mansion for years and years until he truly learned what it meant to be alive. Steven x Connie, Ruby x Sapphire, Lapis x Peridot. Kazuha x male! . Following. Browse by . Weapon . He/him I only write for male or gender neutral readers Requests open BNHA Haikyuu Genshin JJK. Diluc x Reader by himiko 86. Warnings: Slightly suggestive. Chongyun x GN!Reader (Romantic) Word Count: 7260 (just this once. cinnamonest. The energy you bring in the room you’re both in is very bright that it makes his day a lot. “Death is inevitable, ‘Luc,” you muse with a laugh, wrapping your arms around his neck whilst settling between his moderately spread legs that caged you in. man, I miss being able to write…sorry for the long wait :( as a welcome back gift to everyone here is a kaeya x fem reader fluff. A wandering samurai from Inazuma who is currently with Liyue's Crux Fleet. He thought back to the moment that had just played out, you had reached over a Aug 16, 2021 · Their little paws and fluffy fur,,,, uwu. Genshin impact x male child reader Return to Top of Page GK Racing : GK Staff : GK Customers : GK Catalogues : GK Stickers : Les Gus Kuhn en France : Commando Contacts : Notes & Queries : News & Feedback As for supports I like Mona, Xingqiu, Bennett and Sucrose. 2018 . Feb 02, 2021 · Take a Break (Xingqiu x gn!Reader) So I’m lowkey considering putting Nira in some oneshots lmao but I’ll see what you guys think about this one. may I please requests Xinqiu with a male reader who recently realized he was bi . Kaeya and Childe x Male reader . She needed to bring all her bags back to her . but I did miss writing, I’ve just been unmotivated and busy with college stuff (mainly stressing, I haven’t even started my essay yet shh). I’ve been catching up on the Tokyo Revengers manga and crying XD. gi xingqiu x reader gi xingqiu x you genshin impact xingqiu x reader . #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #zhongli x reader #venti x reader The Divine Galaxy (Male reader x Irregular at Magic High School) The Rise of Snake Eyes (Snake Eyes Male Reader x Splatoon Harem) Reaction of the Multiverse with (Y/N)! (Rebooted) The Way of Assassination (Mandalorian Male Reader x Assassination Classroom) Spider-Man and Robins (Nightwing, Red Hood and Red Robin) You were addicted to Genshin Impact so much you would use up all your money and time on it at fault. Chongyun doesn't know how much he loves the feeling of your lips grazing the nape of his neck until he has a day where even the slightest source of heat or embarrassment sends him into overdrive. May 07, 2021 · 7 days || Xingqiu x Reader. Content: fluff, gender-neutral, original character Sorry this took a bit. “You and I can’t stop death from coming. Second request and it's for male readers. Ok in addition to earlier post some important categories of boy: Childe, Zhongli: Actually understands pregnancy thank God. 6K 47 [planned to have ~60 chapters. I don’t know how to write smut so please don’t request me to do one. reading session . 2020 . #[SUGAR]—genshin #[SUGAR]—all #genshin imagines #genshin impact #genshin x male reader #genshin x reader #genshin headcanons #genshin hc #genshin shitpost #genshin fluff #genshin albedo #genshin zhongli #genshin childe #genshin chongyun #genshin xingqiu #genshin aether #genshin xiao #genshin venti #venti x reader #xiao x reader #zhongli x . Apr 27, 2021 - ᴀʙᴏɴɴᴇ ᴛᴏɪ ᴘᴏᴜʀ ᴘʟᴜs ᴅᴇ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴜ #xingqiu #xingqiuedit #icon #aestetic #anime #game #star #genshin #genshinimpact Mar 04, 2021 · Chris Redfield x Ethan Winters, Lady Dimitrescu x Reader, Bela x Reader, Cassandra x Reader, Daniela x Reader, Heisenberg x Reader, Donna Beneviento x Reader. Summary: A coincident meeting between you and Xingqiu on Yaoguang Shoal might have changed your relationship. Xingyun is the slash ship between Xingqiu and Chongyun from the Genshin Impact . Take a Break (Xingqiu x gn!Reader) So I’m lowkey considering putting Nira in some oneshots lmao but I’ll see what you guys think about this one. Exorcising a Book, Exorcist Reader, Horror Novel, Popsicle Book, . 0. Consumes a certain amount of Stamina and deals AoE Anemo DMG after a short casting time. English (17) 1 X Halloween Halo 2018 . txt genshin x male reader genshin childe childe x reader genshin kaeya kaeya x reader genshin venti . I feel that that break from the negativity from the Genshin fandom was really needed. inevitable . ] being the 12th harbinger of the fatui was easy, you were just vibing, doing things the tsarista ordered you to do with your electro visi. After a short delay, the cold air created by the Cryo explosion will coalesce into a Chonghua Frost Field, within which all DMG done through Normal and Charged Attacks by Sword, Greatsword and Polearm-wielding characters will be converted to Cryo DMG. Jun 17, 2021 · genshin impact x reader genshin impact genshin matchup genshin impact matchup xingqiu genshin impact genshin impact xingqiu genshin xingqiu xingqiu x reader submission 24 notes Jun 17th, 2021 Aug 16, 2021 · #yumpty post :D! #xingqiu x reader #bennett x reader #kazuha x reader #<3 #for catte <33 #hope you like it More you might like / / ♡ what would they do if you showed up at their baseball game ♡ / / ? Jun 29, 2021 · Xingqiu x Adepti Reader Sypnosis: A boy of noble blood and disciple to the Guhua Clan, Xingqiu has been reading books of the heroic adventur Only DoA Sypnosis: A boy of noble blood and disciple to the Guhua Clan, Xingqiu has been reading books of the heroic adventures of an elusive adepti, [Y/N] ever since he was a little boy. again, all characters are aged up, 21 or older unless stated otherwise. 15 jan. With Issei Futamata, Megumi Han, Cristina Valenzuela, Mariya Ise. Aug 04, 2021 · Sucrose is a 4-star Anemo Catalyst character in Genshin Impact. 3 Appearance 2 Combat Info 2. Word count: 674. 🥺 . Childe x M!Reader with huge white wings 🌸. Hi I’m back to drop this off then dip again till I get more motivation to continue ️ What is this feeling? He asked himself again and again as he felt his heart pounding in his chest. Warnings: Nudity, mentions of broken bones. Tier D - Amber. Stolen by her powers, the surviving sibling starts her journey to find her lost brother. A/n: so, as you may or may not have seen by my recent “updates” I’m obsessed with genshin, and I’m pretty sure for one day I played for a solid 5 hours- my eyes hurt pls. Warnings: Mention of blood+death, nightmares, not proofread. May 16, 2021Razor Quest Guide | The Meaning of . The best Xingqiu build, Xingqiu artifacts, Xingqiu weapons, and Xingqiu build for . This piece has been in my folder for so long but I just don’t . fanfiction, venti, diluc. 1 Talents 2. pairing ; knight!kazuha x fem!princess!reader. Soul x Maka, Black Star x Tsunami, DTK x Crona. diluc ragnvindr. a/n- sure thing sweetie. Venti is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact. Please do specify the relationship of the reader with the characters. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. about. Summary. Emily finds the way how you learn . don’t write ‘they turned as red as a fire truck’ it’s excluding a whole group of people. Open in app. (Early Game Bookwrom build, start at minute 03:31) Xingqiu is a 4-star character, contrary to certain 5-star ones, you can get him at early levels of your Adventure in Teyvat. The Dark Side is a path to many abilities some might consider, unnatur. Late summer nights, wolfhook cake, and the understanding of lupical. Poly Relationship [Xingqiu x Male Reader x Chongyun] MODERN AU TW: HOMOPHOBIC COMMENT (I literally forgot to put this since I just write it . Lumine used to be a world traveler with her brother, Aether, until the day of their unfortunate encounter with the unknown goddess on Teyvat. Heart be pure, evil be erased. Xingqiu is a master swordsman, adamant reader, and stalwart member of the Guhua Clan in Genshin Impact. Normal Attack. Warnings: none. See more images of genshin impact xingqiu. Jul 28, 2021 · Characters: Albedo & Xingqiu x Male Reader. but he’s never the type to pressure you into staying but even so he can cross his limits sometimes. Childe x Pregnant!F!Reader -🌸. Letter event is still up, so you may still send in requests! #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact scenarios #genshin impact xiao #xiao x reader #genshin impact xiao x reader #genshin xiao #genshin xiao x reader #genshin x reader #genshin impact scenario #genshin scenarios #xiao scenarios #sweet treats #Baker's 500 Followers Event! #cinn-anon roll #bake sale #people who ask for xiao >>>>> One of his hands slowly lowered down to your chin, the other remaining in its place as his body prevented you from escaping this ‘trap. That said, with the right Constellations, Elemental Resonance, as well as weapons and artifacts, any character . Serpent Spine. Feb 14, 2021 · happy valentine’s day everyone!! Word Count: 697. Mister-Woofers. Although it was a fight for dominance, the kiss was fluffy and passionate, making the two of you melt. ;-; I’ve been taken a break for a while now, if you guys haven’t noticed. May 17, 2021 · #masterlist #x reader #aizawa x reader #kirishima x reader #mha x reader #spencer reid x reader #marvel x reader #genshin impact x reader #male reader #gender neutral reader #kaeya x reader #kaeya x male reader #Diluc x reader #dean winchester x male reader #sam winchester x male reader More you might like Aug 25, 2021 · jisung #1 fan !! HI LUV— hope ur doing ok ^3^ ik this is a bit straighforward but can i request some awkward moments during sex with the genshin men? ignore this if you want, ty if you do end up doing it tho, mWAHH<3. Details. . 1 x Diamonds . Learn about Sucrose's stats, strengths and weaknesses, Japanese voice actor, best weapon and builds, and our rating of the character in this complete profile! Sep 07, 2021 · genshin x reader genshin x male reader genshin impact x reader genshing impact x male reader albed hoe thoughts. Keeps talking about potential names and rambles about fun . XINGQIU. The Dimensional Dragonic Knight (Genshin Impact x Male Reader) Read Now . #childe x reader #zhongli x reader #albedo x reader #genshin impact #xingqiu #chongyun #genshin childe #kaeya x reader #diluc ragnvindr x reader #diluc x reader #jean x reader #aether #ninnguang #genshin impact amber #genshin venti More you might like Jul 23, 2021 · Tier A - Barbara, Changyun, Jean, Keqing, Mona, Razor, Xaingling, Xiao. 29 apr. another way to write blushing is heat rising to the cheeks or tips of the ears. For writing, it’s easier to say who I don’t like to write, because I like almost everyone, I find almost all characters very endearing. Mayhaps he's more affectionate while in that state,,, 👉👈. Travel Details: Nov 16, 2020 · Genshin Impact x Reader (Oneshots!) Random. Oct 17, 2020 · SOUL EATER X READER RULES. He will be overprotective of you because he is afraid of losing you. He is the second son of the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, an influential group in Liyue, and is also a self-proclaimed practitioner of the Guhua Clan's arts. Warning: •Those who does not know what R-rated means, it simply means that it is restricted to children under 17 (according to google). S: Soul Eater. Therefore, if you have him, be sure to get him this build, that way you can spam his burst as soon as possible. Chongyun jumps back, still in both yours and Xingqiu’s hold. Cheater Moka x (Dead) Male Reader . Feb 11, 2021 · a/n: random creative outbursts that I’ve decided to write and post basically, that’s all <3 warning: none pairing: albedo x gender neutral reader Albedo always cherished the peace and quiet when. ikanakahara. grzhdnsky. xingqiu isn't following . 7 aug. n e ways, here’s an update, I hope . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Apr 30, 2021 - Explore azzy's board "genshin pfps" on Pinterest. Reading crime and punishment is so funny because you see fucking amazing art for it like this and then you read the book and it’s just dumbass college kid convinced he’s some holy sacrifice. 🥺💕. Childe x GN!Reader who likes horror stuff but he doesn’t 🌸. Woulda been better if there was no ojiisan but at least Diluc and Kaeya are the only ones visible. post genshin x reader . A small smile began to form on his face when he noticed the blush beginning to form on your cheeks. A/N: Here is my come back for summer. “Uh, uh—” He stutters, eyes turning into swirly loops before completely going limp in the group hug. Luna. GenshinImpact #Xingqiu #BuildGenshin Impact Xingqiu Guide. for watersports, i myself am not that comfortable with that sort of thing (and i dont mean to kinkshame for those who have it, but i dont feel comfortable about it). If you ever woke up earlier than him, it’s worth it to see his sleeping face,,, He looked like a peaceful, giant baby. Smile || Xiao x Reader . 2%. no kyojin x reader #shingeki no kyojin x you #snk #snk x reader #snk x you #snk x y/n #x reader #x female reader #x male reader . Genshin Impact x Reader (Oneshots!) - Diluc - Wattpad. Female reader as requested. “Sleep well, my love…”. Once out there, you'll find a domain trapped underneath a magic circle. Prompto l. Aug 21st, 2021. A loud crash followed by the wailing of his best friend’s name tore Chongyun from his meditation and practice of mantras, his icy blue eyes snapping open just as Xingqiu came running out from the door that led into the garden . kaeya, genshinimpactxmalereader. According to the above classification and our Genshin Impact Test; we can figure out the best characters out of all the Genshin Impact world. Xingqiu (Chinese: 行秋 Xíngqiū, "Progression of Autumn") is a playable Hydro character in Genshin Impact. 26 okt. 1 Introduction 1. From here on out, all of th. genre: fluff. Early Game Bookworm. achtung es wird auch lemon one sots geben! One short story for every each male lead characters x fem reader. 8 notes Jan 14, 2021 · Good luck with your blog. Aether and Lumine are the main characters in Genshin Impact. for the male players, i’ll be editing my female om smut and making male versions, sorry i haven’t done this sooner! ️ . If you don't know what Genshin Impact is, it is a free game on PC, Mobile, and PS4 that I would highly recommend if you played and enjoyed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Every 4s a character is on the field, they will deal 6% more DMG and take 3% more DMG. He is a free-spirited, wine-loving bard in Mondstadt and the current mortal vessel of Barbatos, the Anemo Archon. Oct 04, 2020 · After leaving Mondstadt with the wind at your back, the next place the Traveller arrives in Liyue, a region inspired by China. headcanons about the male genshin impact characters requests open no ocs (sorry!) Xingqiu: He wraps his arms around you and smiles Aw maybe we should so something exciting! That'll wake you right up! # genshin impact# genshin impact x reader# genshin xingqiu#character interaction event Xingqiu nods, honey eyes taking on a passionate spark. barbatos x male! reader. Jun 20, 2021 · well actually I’ve never written with a male reader before but let’s try it<3. · 10m. Aug 10, 2021 · O T T I S ! ABOUT ! this blog is exclusively MLM and NBLM, people who identify as anything outside of the NBLM and MLM spectrum are welcomed but i will not write for you ! OTTIS ! HIYA! I go by Ottis or Olive, I'm a minor, 15, but I do enjoy writing! This is a multi-fandom blog including Arcana, IDV, and Genshin. for ddlg, it feels as if it supports . Gender: Male. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increase all party members' ATK by 40% for 12s. - Loves just holding your face and pressing her forehead against yours. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Sep 03, 2021 · Sucrose is a character in Genshin Impact that uses Anemo Catalyst! See best builds, best team comp, weapons, artifacts, ratings, voice actor, ascension materials for Sucrose! chae. Feb 20, 2021 · Xingqiu: 17-18 years. Sort by: best. See more ideas about anime icons, anime, profile picture. level 1. Facebook. 🥺 Btw can I request hcs of Chongyun's condition acting up and his s/o having to deal with it. Word Count: 703. Feb 10, 2021 · genshin x reader genshin impact genshin impact headcanons genshin impact x reader genshin scenarios genshin x male reader . With so many new Genshin Impact characters, tier lists are more important than ever. The night sky is filled with unfamiliar celestials, glimmering mysteriously in the inky swathes of darkness. this includes chongyun and xingqiu. pt one ⇢ aether, chongyun, xingqiu, bennett, razor / gn! reader. He hates watching them writhe in pain as they groan about cramps, silently cursing his inability to offer any aid. •This will most likely be crap because I still don't know how to write NSFW oneshots. May 11, 2021 · Xingqiu is the 2nd son of the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild in Liyue. PROFILE. Male. Lumine is the female main character of Genshin Impact, meanwhile Aether is the male traveller. However, Xiao’s such a jealous lover and whenever you cross the line or you two are arguing about that one person flirting with you, and you acting oblivious - Xiao . You also can't help but getting so attracted in other words, simping on the characters designs that the game offer to the fact that you decided to declare yourself as Genshinsexual (a joke btw). Discover more posts about yandere xingqiu x reader. Atm, I feel most comfortable writing for male characters, sorry. Jun 25, 2021 · run away with me. Aug 20, 2021 · 4. Performs up to 4 attacks using Wind Spirits, dealing Anemo DMG. Glamrock Freddy x Male Reader Headcanons. I write headcanons, imagines, one-shots. 2 Constellation 2. Genshin Impact x Reader [One Shot] 4,353 lượt thích / 37,490 lượt đọc. Warning: light swearing, kissing, a lot of grammatically errors. Hello. xingqiu but . The guy can probably be a pretty good wingman if they asked, . Vision: Hydro. Knowing that you’re safe and happy with him. Which Genshin Impact Character Are You. Constellation: Fabulae Textile. uwu. Albedo x Reader. 5 notes. genre ; hurt-comfort, angst, fluff. i accept almost all kinks & fetishes, except for watersports & ddlg. Childe moved his hand to your hips and pulled you closer, turning the kiss from a competition to a sweet first kiss. You gained some confidence, running your fingers through his hair and pushing your lips against his. - You are probably the only one who has ever seen her truly smile. 99 notes. Being mine || Venti x Reader. CeIeste (9) 1,200,000 X Diamonds . Victor would right away notice the difference on you whenever you dress in a Lolita fashion, he’ll compliment you sincerely through little notes and letters. Tweet. Sep 28, 2020 · Genshin Impact Aether and Lumine. Come With Me Kaeya X Male Reader Genshin Impact X Reader Oneshots. 13. Synopsis: The Genshin boys overhear their s/o having a nightmare and crying in her sleep. Zhongli: Human form is 28 years (Archon since 6000+ years) ALSO READ: How to open the 3 Luxurious Chests at Liyue Harbor by completing the illumiscreen 3 . I’m writing this because I need to get some motivation to write again. Steven Universe. you shushed the older male with a soft smile . haikyuu!! haikyu haikyuu x reader haikyuu headcanons haikyuu haikyuu x you haikyuu x self . fluff. Omega!shinazugawa sanemi x alpha!male!reader [s. South Park Chongyun strikes the ground with his greatsword, causing a Cryo explosion in a circular AoE in front of him that deals Cryo DMG. 2017 . This story picks off at the very beginning of the tale of xerxes break with kevin legnard, the young man break used to be but now hates to remember. Read Xingqiu from the story Genshin Impact X Reader Oneshots by TheOneleadAstray (Gm) with 18,748 reads. Sep 10, 2021 by Edward Banes. Mind be purged, world be—. I’ll be taking a little more time for myself to get my head cleared. (F/N) let out a small sigh as she stretched out her arms and hands which had become a bit sore from overuse from fighting hilichurls and slimes to carrying around bags of groceries and things she bought around Liyue when she came back from doing commissions. 2021 . Apr 8, 2021 - Check out the Luminary ★彡 Nitro and Welkin/Gem Card Giveaway community on Discord - hang out with 2,083 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. warning ; might include curse words, mention of an unhealthy relationship. xenia-cenia. meanie || Kaeya x F! reader “honestly Kaeya you know we cant ice bridge to Inazuma” Kaeya had this brilliant idea of showing off his ice bridging skill to you by ice bridging to Inazuma. This Xingqiu Build Guide is all you need for you to do maximum Xingiu DPS and Damage! This video covers how you can build Xingqiu so you can . Sep 07, 2021 · genshin x reader genshin x male reader genshin impact x reader genshing impact x male reader albed hoe thoughts. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be . 5 notes . You, traveler, are hoein around with all of the various characters in Genshin ️ I don't write smut nor lemons, but I can write a bit of lime if needed ;) feel free to request! Jun 28, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Javier Campos. Characters: Albedo & Xingqiu x Male Reader. 4 Base Stats 3 . Tier B - Kaeye, Klee, Ningquang, Sucrose, Xingqiu. introducing! our beloved youth-faced juniors, with boyish grins and cheeky remarks while they (secretly!) drool over you from across the hallway and cafeteria! widely inexperienced in the pursuit of love, they might be a little bit clumsy, but they’ll be sure to receive your adoration in no time! Feb 7, 2021 - Page 3 Read ꧁ 001 ꧂ from the story Stargazer Genshin Impact x Male! Reader by _Azula_Dreamy_ (Beauté!💖) with 1,851 reads. characters: chongyun, xingqiu, scaramouche, bennett (x gn!reader) warnings: none. masterlist - for anything that’s nsfw, the characters will be (unless they already are) 21+. Above the Wolvendom night, Lupus Minor gleams brightly with the weight of hope as the wolf boy extends a hand to you. As you head towards Liyue Harbor, you might come across the Luhua Pool. +. 4k words. See a recent post on Tumblr from @myuni-moon about yandere xingqiu x reader. Wolf's Gravestone. 1 x Large Train Bow Skirt . summary ; the princess has to get married in a couple of days. Jun 12, 2021 · xingqiu genshin fluff genshin impact xingqiu x reader yumi. Ginei: no, more like some of the male student, and that's not the worst part she was lying to him from . Xiao is definitely not an expert in the romance department, so when he’s in a relationship, there needs to be a lot of understanding from your part. Sep 01, 2021 · Sep 10, 2021 by Mary Roseann Maximo. Mar 15, 2021 · s/o goes on a mission with them. He’s an avid reader and also a self-proclaimed practitioner of the Guhua Clan’s martial arts. the curly haired male often struggle to express . This will be a book full of One-shot stories of Genshin Impact x Reader stories which I will explain more on my request page. If not male reader is totally fine. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. - Gives very gentle kisses, her favorite place to kiss is your forehead. Takes good care of you, gets you food you want, is always really affectionate and nuzzles you and rubs your belly once you’re all swollen. Browse through and read or take razor genshin impact stories, quizzes, and other creations An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #xingqiu x reader with no . ’. Can i pls request if its okay ofc! kaeya diluc and childe w/ male reader(if not . Genshin Impact Details About Kaeya Genshin Impact Official Community. A Collection of Genshin Impact One-Shots, Headcannons, and Smut! (Gender Neutral Reader) (Please note that it is dom! reader only! i will take requests!) Also posted on Wattpad! (EtsuForgotHerThings) my works should only be posted up here on this account and on wattpad, they should not be posted anywhere else. while Xingqiu is an avid book reader . First contents will be the four male leads : Diluc Childe Zhongli kaeya A Warning for age restriction: 18+ content are included. 3 Ascensions 2. Childe / Tartaglia. Gon Freecss aspires to become a Hunter, an exceptional being capable of greatness. Jan 24, 2020 · Epic Games has revealed the beginning date for Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2, just after Chapter 2 Season 1 hits its one hundredth day (via games radar). xiao x gn!reader, xingqiu x gn!reader, scaramouche x gn!reader [modern uni. Location: Liyue. Aug 21, 2021 · #genshin impact #genshin x reader #genshin impact reader insert #zhongli x reader #genshin reader insert #Dragon zhongli x reader #dragon zhongli x Demi god reader #I really wanted to make the reader somewhat similar to him in terms of mortality soooo JEAN/LISA KAEYA/ALBEDO XIAO/MALE READER XINGQIU/CHONGYUN CHILDE/ZHONGLI AYAKA/YOIMIYA **Non Smut** Language: English Words: 1,665 Chapters: 2/4 Kudos: 120 Bookmarks . He would usually wake up earlier for morning strolls, so seeing you sleep peacefully made him satisfied…. a certain knight who happened to be in love with her, helps her escape from her fate. Xingqiu is a top-tier supporttop-tier support Hunter x Hunter: Created by Yoshihiro Togashi. Characters: Diluc, Xiao. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. the emperor of petersburg. A/n: Alright, I should have a bit of an easier time writing this, cuz I am shy in real life and this pretty much describes me (social anxiety)! The only thing is, I am 5’11”, so I’m like a whole 7 inches taller than Albedo LMAO I hope this is accurate My Darling | Xingqiu x Female! Reader |. för 5 dagar sedan . Additionally, each point of Elemental Mastery will increase the DMG dealt by Kaedehara Kazuha's Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack by 0. Im so sorry for the long post and I hope you have a good day/night! Ohmy, it’s my first . Content: fluff, gender-neutral, original character Nov 26, 2020 · #kbdngenshin #genshin collab #kabedon #diluc x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact #childe x reader #kaeya x reader #xiao x reader #zhongli x reader #scaramouche x reader #chongyun x reader #venti x reader #xingqiu x reader #albedo x reader #razor x reader #bennett x reader Feb 03, 2021 · xiao | random headcanon. He first appears during the Archon Quest Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind. To gain access to the domain you need to . Warnings: Slightly suggestive near the end of both! Word count: 674. Struggling to grab a popsicle, the exorcist’s usual pale face lights up with a bright red. Games: Genshin Impact fanfiction archive with over 700 stories. Mar 2, 2021 - “ᶻᶻ. an hour ago. The first sales week was quite a success, with AppAnnie . anfragen sind möglich , liest chapter vorwort /anfragen für weitere infos :3. A/n: Alright, I should have a bit of an easier time writing this, cuz I am shy in real life and this pretty much describes me (social anxiety)! The only thing is, I am 5’11”, so I’m like a whole 7 inches taller than Albedo LMAO . Affiliation: Feiyun Commerce Guild, Guhua Clan. Xiao x reader angst tumblr Anime/Manga Fanfiction Fantasy Male Reader Insert Video . x reader #xingqiu x reader #childe x reader #tartaglia x reader . Dad!Childe x the other parent! GN! Reader x their kid - 🌸. Please look at my masterlist which contains all the characters I will write for. . Can only occur once every 30s. :iconanimufan678: He wanted the female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable and I checked on the wiki for her name and found out that it was . I only write character x reader and not character x character at the moment. Increases ATK by 20%. You bit your bottom lip as he lifted up your chin to get a good look at your face. He is the second son of the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, an influential group in Liyue, and is also a self-proclaimed practitioner of the Guhua Clan 's arts. Jul 07, 2021 · Pairing: Xingqiu x g/n!reader, mention of Chongyun. Jun 10, 2021 · Xingqiu x M!Reader ] Single part . Aug 19, 2021 · Weapon. Weapon Substitute. This is a large lake with an important-looking platform out in the center of it. Characters: Diluc & Xiao x Male Reader. Birthday: October 9th. xingqiu x male reader